Neu im Team: Kiya's life as a Webdeveloper

Do you ever feel like leaving everything behind and escaping daily life? Far far away from the place where you come from to a place where no one knows you and you know no one?

A fresh start

Well, I felt like that couple of years ago and instead of just feeling like that, I took an action. I moved almost 7000 km away, left everything behind that was known to me and came to a place where everything was new and unknown, from people to language. Well, thanks to Google I had some time and chance to research a bit about the place but unfortunately not enough to start a whole new life. Although, that didn’t stop me from plunging into another unknown chapter in life.
By feeding into my »plunging into the unknown« habit, I landed in Darmstadt, Germany. I moved from India for my master studies (the official reason) however, for me that was not the only reason.

Being a woman in webdevelopment

I took admission for computer science at TU Darmstadt, a very well-known and prestigious University in Germany. Being in the study field of computer science has always been very special. Well, hallo! I am a woman in a profession which is predominated by men. Even though I don’t wanna play my victim card, however, I must mention that being a woman in web development or in any scientific/technological field comes with its own baggage. Nevertheless, that doesn’t stop me from feeling extremely proud for being one of those girls.
Furthermore, to mention some of the random facts from my long list of like/dislikes, here are some few random words. I love cooking, eating chocolates and I love spicy food. I love watching movies and series. In sport category, I love watching tennis (nope, not playing, I love my sofa and comfort). And to support all that things that I love, I work as a frontend developer for this lovely design agency, filled with awesome and compassionate coworkers and two excellent and friendly bosses. I am looking forward to working with all these amazingly special creative people and hoping to create some very special and timeless websites.



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